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Varsity in Volunteerism

Varsity in Volunteerism

Youth Helping Community
The best volunteers around! 

Varsity in Volunteerism is a school-based extracurricular program designed to provide rewards and recognition to high school students who perform community service. We connect high school students with volunteer opportunities in Skagit County, uniting youth with their community. 

How does it work?

Students sign up to their VIV club at their school and get trained in different aspects of community volunteering. Then, students have the chance to plan how and what project they think would be positive for their community. 

What do students gain?

Students can look forwards to increasing their college and job readiness skills while working towards getting their varsity letter, a symbol of their great achievement and consistency in their community.

How can I help?

Donating to United Way of Skagit County is an easy way to support our students working hard towards their goals. Every donation supports VIV students in their community work and empowers them to Live United!

2021-2022 Year in Review

Over 5,340 Volunteer Hours!


Students submitted volunteer hours


Students submitted 80+ hours and earned a varsity letter


Graduating seniors earned their 4th varsity letter

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