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Our Bold Goal

Our 'Legacy of Love' luncheon was an opportunity to thank some of our many friends and supporters. View the pictures here...

Through a combination of in-house and funded programs, we work with families, children and caregivers to build a positive & sustainable quality of life for all.

Making news...

Proud to have so many United Way board members & staff meet with Legislators, joined by a large contingent of Children's Council members.

Washington Federal - You are awesome! Thanks for your support of United Way, Financial PEOPLE Project and the entire Skagit community.

61% of low-income families in Skagit County have no books in the home for their children. Help us change that...


Welcome Baby is a free community service offered by United Way of Skagit County, offering resources and services for expecting parents.

We're Reading works towards getting every child in Skagit County reading and ready for kindergarten and beyond.

Bright Beginnings offers resources, activities, and opportunities to families expecting or parenting young children in Skagit County.

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If you want real peace in the world, start with children
Mahatma Gandhi

Investing in a child is

investing in a community