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Financial People Project

Strengthening Financial Literacy in Skagit County

Financial People Project is designed to provide people in low to mid-income levels with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their finances and to set them on a path toward financial stability.

Program is only available to Skagit County Residents

A Guide to Financial Literacy

Through our online learning platform, Canvas, you can learn at your own pace while having the freedom to jump ahead or slow down.


Students will create and manage personal budgets to align their spending with financial goals, making informed financial decisions.

Debt Reduction

Learning strategies to prioritize and pay down different types of debt helps works towards becoming debt-free and financially independent.

Bank Services

Participants can explore various bank services and make informed choices on how to utilize them, understanding the advantages and drawbacks of different banking options.

Checking Accounts

Students will learn to develop practical skills for managing checking accounts, including maintaining a balanced checkbook and using electronic banking tools.


Comprehending the importance of credit and practicing responsible credit management helps build and maintain a positive credit history, ensuring access to better financial opportunities.

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