Days of Caring Team
Days of Caring Team at Camp Kirby

Connects teams of volunteers to local non-profit organization that need help with various projects.

Advances the common good throughout Skagit County

Revitalizes the body and spirit.

Engages employees and businesses in important causes throughout the county

Contact Bret@UnitedWaySkagit.org for more information or click here to see a list of projects.

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United Way of Skagit County wants to hear from you and people like you.  Voice your aspirations for Skagit County at a Community Conversation.  You can help guide our decision making and strengthen our ability to achieve common goals.

During an open-ended facilitated Conversation, we will be discussing:

  • What are the challenges to reaching those aspirations?
  • Who do you trust to overcome the challenges?

We are hosting Community Conversations throughout the county this year.  We want to hear the aspirations of individuals, neighborhood groups, educators, agencies, and local governments.  This year, more than before, we are working together to create social change by engaging and aligning the community around what is important to Skagitonians.

Contact Bret@UnitedWaySkagit.org for more information or setup a conversation.  


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