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The Skagit Financial PEOPLE (Peers Empowering Others by Providing Leadership and Education) project is a vision born out of the Skagit Asset Building Coalition (SABC). The pilot is spearheaded and funded by the United Way of Skagit County. Peer led financial education sessions will be held with groups of Low to Moderate Income (LMI) individuals/families throughout Skagit County in 2017. Graduates will receive a Skagit Asset Building Coalition certificate upon completion of the series and will be provided with incentives along the way.

Six peer leaders in the LMI community have been recruited, and have been trained to deliver financial education curriculum to groups of peers.

Peer leaders will guide peers on accessing community resources, serving as critical liaisons to financial institutions and other organizations providing financial education.

These peers will share common goals such as:

  • Stabilized Housing
  • Financial Home
  • Children Savings Accounts (CSA)
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Reduce Debt
  • Improve Credit

Evaluation of the pilot project will be through ongoing surveys with peer leaders and peers. Information about the project will be disseminated through United Way press releases, meetings, website, social media platforms and newsletter. Additional financial contributions to the pilot have been made by North Coast Credit Union, Boeing Employees Credit Union, and Opus Bank.

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